Help Your Social Media Manager Help You


What are you investing in to skyrocket your success this year?

If you’ve decided to invest in your own social media manager, you must respect and protect that investment as you would any other kind.

  1. Be available. Your social media person is not you. Questions and issues arise that can only be addressed by you, so watch for emails asking for a response to something. The sooner you answer, the better for your online reputation.
  2. Create new content. Your manager strives to keep your content fresh and appealing and is a master at repackaging the same information. However, your fans (and your manager) love new information. A great way to do this is to keep your blog active, giving your followers and your manager something fresh to work with.
  3. Provide third party content. One aspect of your manager’s job is to spread the love on social media by finding and sharing relevant content created by others. If you see information that fits perfectly with your brand, personality, or vision, share it with your manager.
  4. Value their time. Your social media person works hard to provide you a high degree of personal service, which takes time. No doubt you’ve felt the pressure of time as an author or business owner. It’s at a premium for you, and it’s at a premium for them. Help out by gathering your thoughts into one email, making note of answers to questions you’ve already asked, honoring appointment times, etc.
  5. Be pleasant. Your manager is, after all, a regular person who responds to positivity just like any other. If you are grouchy, delay that call. Review that email for tone. Go on vacation. Take a nap.

Your social media manager wants you to succeed. Help them help you succeed and get all you can out of your investment.

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