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As an author, small business owner, or entrepreneur, you’ve become acutely aware of the need to be present on social media. Do you find that you are reluctant? Overwhelmed? Think it’s not working? You need to reset your mindset, my friends.

Mindset: Social media is separate from everything else.

Reset: Social media is part of a cohesive whole.

  • Social media works best in synergy with your entire author or business platform. It is part of your marketing, not all of your marketing, so when you are planning your strategy, make sure social media isn’t shouldering the whole burden. It won’t work, and you will feel frustrated.

Mindset: I have to use all the major social media platforms right away.

Reset: I will begin with one social media platform and learn to use it correctly.

  • There is absolutely no need to begin using every platform at the same time. Start with the one where your target audience gathers. Learn about it. Become proficient at it. Then add the next one and do the same thing.

Mindset: Social media is overwhelming.

Reset: Social media can be managed with personal investment and the right tools.

  • It’s true that social media CAN be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you are serious about success, you must invest in yourself. That means you take the time to learn how to use your chosen social media platform, whether through self-education, classes, or one-on-one coaching. You must also learn the tools needed to streamline social media, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, and time management techniques such as planning calendars. Your early investment will make incorporating social media MUCH easier.

Mindset: The only reason I use social media is to sell my stuff.

Reset: I use social media to create relationships, share valuable information, and build a loyal fan base.

  • Folks, we are here to sell our books or products, yes, but the world has changed. Gone are the old days when we talked at our audience with ads asking them to buy something. Now, we have conversations with our audience, building relationships in an authentic way that shows fans we’re real people with interesting stuff to share. And we happen to be authors or business owners, too.

With a few mental resets, you can incorporate social media into your life more easily. It’s worth your time to invest in yourself because in today’s world, authors and entrepreneurs must take care of themselves!

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  1. Hi, I have a few questions about hashtags? May I call you? TIA Dian

    • mjones says:

      Diane, you may, of course! Love your jewelry. I design myself and had an Etsy store for some time. So much fun. I will message you a number via your Facebook page.

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