What story are you telling on your social media?

What's your story?

What’s your story?

You’ve heard, read, and seen by now that social media is not really a selling mechanism so much as it is a way to tell a story. People respond to stories. They do not respond to constant advertising which will work against you if you use it too often.

Does that mean you never post an event you’re hosting or a widget you’re selling? No, you can do that, especially if you make it enticing to your fans in some way.

If you’ve taken the time to develop your social media personality and platform, whether you’re witty, warm and fuzzy, passionate, to-the-point, or intuitive, and have interacted with your fans in an authentic way, they’ll be okay with the occasional plug. In fact, if you don’t mention your product at all, they won’t see you as someone with a product useful to them.

Most of you follow a brand or personality on social media. Pay attention to what you like and don’t like. Why do you keep following that page or Twitter account? Do they offer coupons, contests, or other ways to save? Are they amusing? Do they use funny photos?

If you are following a personality, you probably love it when you’re allowed a glimpse “behind the scenes” of that person’s life. It doesn’t have to be deeply personal. On Facebook, Dwayne Johnson will post something from a movie set he’s on, a photo of his mom, or the one day a month he makes pancakes. He also talks about charities and philanthropic efforts.

You can do the same on your social media. Be who you are and do it within your platform. For example, some authors will post photos of their work spaces, talk about the trials and triumphs of being a writer, and post about their latest book. Some ask fans to name a character. They do this in a way that represents their true personality while staying within their genre/expertise.

Other brands post fan photos of their product, whether it’s coffee or a magazine, which encourages engagement. Some offer coupons, host contests and giveaways, or host free webinars.

If you set up social media profiles and then never or rarely get back to them, you are still telling a story.

But is that the story you want your customers and fans to see?

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