Top Three Thursday: Social Media News You Can Use

Top Three Thursday- Social Media News You Can UseWelcome to my Thursday feature. Here’s where I link three useful and interesting articles from excellent information sources that deal with social media and marketing subjects.

As you know, changes are always happening in the world of social media. We have a lot to keep up with!

Some articles give you just a tease of the information you need to know to get started. However, SiegeMedia has published an impressive post on Content Curation for Marketers: The Definitive Guide. Curation is a crucial element to building your online presence and expertise. Make sure to bookmark this one, ladies and gents, and refer back to it often.

Due to the fact social media is a constantly evolving entity, it’s important for those involved in this area of marketing to keep up with current trends. Sprout Social released an article this week highlighting the 7 Need-To-Know Social Media Terms for 2016. This should help give you a head start on what is going to be all the rage this year.

Been reading up on all the theories and processes for social media, but craving some case studies or hard evidence? Andrea Vahl just posted a breakdown of 7 Surprising Ways Companies are Winning on Social Media with a visual showcase of actual social media success stories.

See you next week with another edition of Top Three Thursday: Social News You Can Use.

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