Build an Awesome LinkedIn Profile in 10 Steps – Blab Recap

Are you fully utilizing your LinkedIn profile? Chances are you can make a few simple improvements to help you get noticed.

My Blabbing Social with Melody guest Beth Johnston of Social Bridges gives us her top ten tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile better. Check out our Blab video chat session to learn more.

We discussed these key points:

  1. Complete Your Profile, Completely!
  2. Upload a Professional Profile Picture
  3. Optimize for Keywords
  4. Customize Your Professional Headline
  5. Keyword-Load Your Current and Past Work History
  6. Summary Section
  7. Customize Your Website Listings
  8. Customize Your Public LinkedIn URL
  9. Add Your Skills and Expertise
  10. Everything Else…how to connect with people on LinkedIn is a key discussion and changes in how groups work!

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