Top Three Thursday: Social Media News You Can Use

Top Three Thursday- Social Media News You Can Use

Welcome to my Thursday feature. Here’s where I link three useful and interesting articles from excellent information sources that deal with social media and marketing subjects.

As you know, changes are always happening in the world of social media. We have a lot to keep up with!

Google is back in the social media game. A recent patent reveals the search engine giant’s interest in using email as a bridge to social media. Check out Marketing Land’s article Google Files Patent to Replace Social Media Marketers to find out more about how this company wants to change the social media horizon.

Social media isn’t in its infancy anymore. Case in point, government agencies are finally getting on board with how social platforms can help them become more connected and productive. The Huffington Post just posted 5 Ways Social Media Is Changing “Business As Usual” for Governments demonstrating a new municipal point of view.

As social media becomes more a part of our lives, how we come together in mourning is also important. Convince & Convert posted an article about the 3 Social Media Rules for Death and Tragedy to help social media marketing ride that line between being sympathetic over promotional.

See you next week with another edition of Top Three Thursday: Social News You Can Use.

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