What is a personal brand and do you need one? – Blab Recap

What exactly is a personal brand and should you have one as a business owner? How you present yourself online is very important, from online review management to business listings and social media.

Blabbing Social with Melody


Michelle Hoglan of Top Hat Creative Marketing shares her tips on personal branding as my guest on Blabbing Social with Melody.

Here are some key points Michelle expands on in our Blab chat:

  • Personal branding is you as the face of your business
  • How you present yourself matters
  • Consistency in personal branding is key
  • Make yourself approachable and personable
  • Needs to be effortless, something you can have fun with
  • Personal branding can evolve
  • Personal branding vs business branding – a bit of a difference
  • Examples of those who use personal branding well
  • Online Review Mangement – star ratings on Google and Yelp, etc
  • How she coaches clients on how to get feedback from customers
  • Guest Debra Jason, author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget, pops on to add a few details, including staying “true to who you are”

Our Bab session is embedded below. Thank you, Michelle! It was informative and fun having you as a guest.

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