Social Media Marketing is a Courtship, Not a Quickie – Blab Recap


Blabbing Social with MelodyIn this episode of Blabbing Social with Melody, my guest Rachel Moore of Really Social shares key ideas about social media marketing. Her fun – and yes somewhat risque (it got your attention, didn’t it) – title gives a clue:┬áSocial Media Marketing is a Courtship, Not a Quickie.

Our fun and informative Blab video chat is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down to see key points in written format.

Key points:

  • Longevity and consistency are keys to successful social media marketing
    • Social media is relational
    • Just like in a courtship, you must get to know each other through conversation and other touchpoints
  • Lay off the bottom line during a crisis
    • Discussion begins at the 16:48 mark
    • Showing compassion or offer assistance during times of crisis rather than continuing to sell your widget
  • Give, give, and keep giving to get respect and patronage by your customers
    • Share the wisdom of others to your fans
    • Share how you can be of value to others
    • No such thing as too much giving

What tips would you add? Post in comments!

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