How to Increase Views of Your LinkedIn Posts – Blab Recap


Blabbing Social with Melody

Have you noticed that your posts on LinkedIn are getting fewer views? In this episode of Blabbing Social with Melody, my guest Rebecca Barth shares great tips on how to get more eyes on your posts and even how to up the odds you’ll be a featured post on LinkedIn Pulse.

Watch our Blab session below. I learned something new about LinkedIn posts myself!


Key points:

  • Learn the difference between a LinkedIn status update and a LinkedIn post
  • Rebecca’s experience with diminishing views of LinkedIn posts and why this may be happening
  • Why formatting your LinkedIn post correctly makes a huge difference to LinkedIn
  • How to increase the odds of your post getting featured on LinkedIn Pulse

Are you experiencing a decrease in views of your LinkedIn posts? What other tips would you add? Post in comments!

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