Social Media for Authors: Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Social Media


Social media is an integral part of your author platform. If you’ve been using it awhile, it’s time to do a little spring cleaning!

You can make small but meaningful changes in your social media strategy to support and increase your success as an author.



  • Reset your mindset. Social media is simply another tool in your author toolbox. If you can’t love it, then learn to accept it. Most people don’t want to do laundry, but we accept it as a task to be done on a regular basis. Except for some college guys. You know what I mean.
  • Update your social media profiles and bios. Make changes on each social media network you use, if only by deleting and adding a few different words. Remember that the most effective bios tell a story; don’t make them read like a resume (yawn). Add a more recent profile photo. Consider using a good quality, relaxed I’m-a-regular-person picture rather than a very formal pose. I’ll let you be the judge of the kind of photo you should not post.
  • Make social media appointments with yourself. Get your calendar out Make an appointment with social mediaright now and schedule time, daily or weekly, to create and post social media content. The more networks you use, the more often you’ll need to do this. Prioritize this like you would taking a shower: make time no matter what. I haven’t figured out how to do this IN the shower, but if you do, let me know.
  • Engage with people, not platforms. Add this task to your planning calendar. On a regular basis, reach out to your fans and colleagues personally. Perhaps every Tuesday and Thursday, you say hello to three specific people, comment on a post they made, or make an observation about their profile (I love New York City. How long have you lived there?). If you’re on Twitter, for example, retweet someone else’s tweet with your own comment.
  • Be personable. Fans love it when authors talk a bit about their own lives, post photos of their travels or give updates on writing efforts. One author I know posts a photo of herself at every Denver Broncos football game. She always gets comments. Non-Broncos fans seem to “forgive” her.

Doing a little spring cleaning of your social media will not only improve your author platform, you’ll begin fostering true connections that can lead to things you hadn’t envisioned.

I was recruited to speak at three different conferences simply because I connected, in real time and authentically, with people on social media. You can do that too. I hear you can also meet Mr. or Ms. Right through social media and get coupons for free ice cream. Whatever floats your boat.

What would you add to this social media spring cleaning list?


Melody Jones | Social Media Management Services

Melody Jones

Melody Jones is your social media aspirin! If you suffer from Facebook fever, hashtag headaches, or insta irritations, Melody can alleviate your pain. She can manage your social media for you, coach you on how to do it for yourself, customize workshops for your group or come speak to your audience. Take a look at her services.



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