Top Three Thursday: Social Media News You Can Use

Top Three Thursday Zebras

Welcome to my Thursday feature. Here’s where I link three useful and interesting articles from excellent information sources all about social media and marketing subjects.

As you know, changes are always happening in the world of social media. We have a lot to keep up with!

This week Instagram Updates Logo and Its Fan Lose It Once Again. Entrepreneur reported that after Instagram changed its logo to a more basic and symbolic look, people were a bit unhappy. According to the company, they wanted to showcase the fact that Instagram is now a global phenomenon that includes everyone. Every time a logo evolves, users tend to get upset, but people eventually get used to it and don’t even remember what they were so upset about.

YouTube In-App Messaging Coming to IOS and Android so you can chat and share videos with no additional help from any other platform. Digital Trends reported that YouTube is working to move towards changing its platform into a community where people can connect with each other through messaging. Also, by keeping everything in-house, YouTube can keep people engaging with their site longer as they don’t have to go elsewhere to share video content.

Watch out YouTube because Amazon is looking to compete with you on another front! Bloomberg News reported that Amazon Targets YouTube with New Online Video Posting Service and is now allowing the public to post videos, and receive money from ads and royalties. Amazon stated that they are looking for “professional video producers” but that definition is pretty loose since all that is needed is HD video and closed captioning in order to post a video. These producers can sell or rent their content, run it with ads, receive royalties tied to streaming numbers or subscriptions, or get additional money if they have one of the 100 most viewed videos. It will be interesting to find out if Amazon is a match for YouTube.

See you next week with another edition of Top Three Thursday: Social News You Can Use.

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