Our Fave Social Media Ideas for Authors & Writers


For many authors, social media marketing can be a puzzle. There’s the fear of sharing too much information, of not sharing enough, selling too much of your stuff, or not enough. Don’t worry, we’ve taken the mystery out of it and shared our favorite social media ideas with you.

Before we share the goods, there are a few key things to remember about social media:

  1. Your campaigns should be geared for the social media platform you’re on. Things that work on Twitter won’t work on Instagram and vice versa. Even ad campaigns are far different.
  2. The internet is forever, so be careful what you post.
  3. Make sure your brand is clear and that people have a way to follow up with you (and get your books!). You can’t post a picture with a link written on it and expect people to type it in. More than 80% of social media is viewed using a mobile device. That means they’re using apps, so they’re not usually going to open a new browsing window–it’s too much work.

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite social media ideas.

Host a Q&A Session

Hosting a Q&A is a great way to connect with your audience. You could run a live Q&A (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent places to go live) where your followers can ask you questions that you’ll answer while live streaming. Another option is to start a comment thread on Facebook or Instagram where you encourage readers to ask questions, and you pop in and answer them throughout the day. Some authors will post to each social media platform, pull from those questions, and create a YouTube video of their Q&A’s. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this type of interaction.

Fan Interaction

Whether it’s a vote for the next hero in a story or a fanart contest, get your audience involved!

Show Some Behind the Scenes Props and Production

Does your main character in the story drive a particular car? Do they work with magic or use props? Consider creating a Pinterest board that shows all the scenery, props, and other inspirational imagery used in your book. Some authors create individual character boards, as well, with costume inspiration ideas. If you have sketches or outlines, consider showing some of those on Instagram and Facebook to get people interested (without spoilers, of course).

Update Your Fans

Let them see what you’re working on today. Show them the beginning, middle, and end, so that they’re right there with you during the journey.

The Writer’s Life, a Glimpse

Post pictures of your writing space, your writing board, or anything else that shows your fans how you write. Don’t feel as though you need an epic desk shot.

Share Your Book

When you share your book, choose a quote or something easily read while on the go. Make sure it’s in an image and that your book buy links are in the description. If you’re on something like Twitter or Instagram, share a link to your website where all the buy links are available. Keep in mind that you’ll need to change your bio in Instagram to reflect the new link. Keep a consistent format that reflects your brand. When it’s all said and done, selling books and content is what we do as writers. Don’t forget to share your work.

Which of these ideas will you tackle in your next social media campaign?

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