Tips for Working With Your Social Media Manager

If you’ve invested in a social media manager to help you establish and grow your social media presence, you must work in partnership with them for the most success. Don’t just throw your manager out there and hope things will go the way you expect. Client partnership is key! What … Continue reading

Reset Your Mindset About Social Media


  As an author, small business owner, or entrepreneur, you’ve become acutely aware of the need to be present on social media. Do you find that you are reluctant? Overwhelmed? Think it’s not working? You need to reset your mindset, my friends. Mindset: Social media is separate from everything else. … Continue reading

Help Your Social Media Manager Help You

  What are you investing in to skyrocket your success this year? If you’ve decided to invest in your own social media manager, you must respect and protect that investment as you would any other kind. Be available. Your social media person is not you. Questions and issues arise that … Continue reading

Developing Content for Social Media

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “What do I post?” A close second is “Where do I find content for my social media?”  I say don’t over-think it. If you are writing blog posts, have a website, have a book/product/service, and have a brain, you have things … Continue reading